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What is Myopia?

  • Myopia is the medical term for ‘nearsightedness’.
  • In a myopic eye, near objects such as a book may be seen clearly, however, distant objects appear blurred.
  • Having an eyeball that is too long or a cornea that has too much curvature are usually the reasons for myopia.
    • The excess length or curvature causes light entering the eye to focus in front of the retina, which causes the distance blur.

What are the Symptoms of Myopia?

  • Blurred distance vision
  • Headaches
  • Excessive squinting

How Common is Myopia?

  • Being nearsighted is very common in the United States.
    • Nearly 25-30% of the population is myopic
  • Certain groups of people are more at risk for myopia due to genetics or lifestyles
    • People with myopic parents, Asian-Americans and people working in jobs that involve a lot of reading tend to be myopic more often

What Causes Myopia?

  • Most myopia is genetic, meaning you inherit it from mom and dad
  • Some evidence points to excessive near work and the stress that causes on the eye as a potential cause of myopia as well.
    • People who spend a lot of their time reading or those who work extensively on computers tend to be at higher risk for myopia development

When does Myopia Occur?

  • Myopia generally develops during childhood.
    • It usually progresses during puberty until around the age of 20.
  • Myopia can also develop due to other causes at any stage during life.
    • Diabetes, improper contact lens wear, cataract development and eye injuries are also potential sources of myopia development
  • Myopia can also occur if the eye fails to properly focus at night.
    • This form of myopia is called “night myopia”

How is Myopia Diagnosed?

  • Diagnosing myopia begins with a comprehensive eye exam at Ducklo EyeCare
    • During this exam, your doctor uses tests such as visual acuity and machines such as a phoropter to determine the degree of myopia
    • Sometimes, it may be necessary for your doctor to use eye drops to evaluate the health of your eyes more thoroughly

How is Myopia Treated?

  • Eyeglasses
  • Contact Lenses
  • Orthokeratology
  • Refractive Surgery
  • Vision Therapy for Stress-Related Myopia