Anterior Uveitis (an-teer-ee-er yoo-vee-ahy-tis)

Anterior Uveitis (an-teer-ee-er yoo-vee-ahy-tis)

What is Anterior Uveitis?Anterior uveitis is the medical term used to refer to an inflammation in the middle layer of the eye

Inflammation includes the iris and surrounding tissue

What are the Symptoms of Anterior Uveitis?

Red, sore and inflamed eye

Blurred vision

Light sensitivity

Small pupil

What Causes Anterior Uveitis?

Anterior uveitis can occur following an injury to the eye

It can also be associated with other systemic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, rubella or mumps

Other eye diseases can also lead to anterior uveitis

How is Anterior Uveitis Diagnosed?

Diagnosing anterior uveitis begins with a comprehensive eye exam at Ducklo EyeCare

During this exam, your doctor uses equipment such as a slit-lamp to properly identify the uveitis

Your doctor may use other tests to assist in pinpointing the source of the uveitis

How is Anterior Uveitis Treated?

Prescription Eye Drops

Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

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