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Preschool Vision

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Age 2 – 5 years old in a child is a time of rapid growth and development!  It is a time when their experiences in the world can enhance their visual development as well.

What can you do to enhance your preschooler’s vision?

  • Read out loud to your child
  • Practice throwing and catching
  • Provide a chalkboard, coloring paper and finger paints
  • Play memory games
  • Play outdoors
  • Play with other children their age

What are some signs of visual development problems in preschoolers?

  • Sitting close to a TV or reading very close
  • Squinting or tilting their head
  • Turning out of an eye
  • Light sensitivity
  • Avoidance of coloring activities or puzzles
  • Rubbing eyes frequently
  • Short attention span for their age