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What is Presbyopia?

  • Presbyopia the medical term for a condition in which the lens of the eye loses its ability to focus properly
    • This makes seeing near objects difficult

What are the Symptoms of Presbyopia?

  • Holding reading/near material further away
  • Blurred vision at near
  • Eye fatigue/Headaches

How Common is Presbyopia?

  • Presbyopia occurs in everyone after a certain age
    • People usually begin to notice presbyopia around age 40

What Causes Presbyopia?

  • Presbyopia is a normal part of aging
    • It is not a disease

When does Presbyopia Occur?

  • Presbyopia occurs gradually over years
  • It usually becomes noticeable around the age of 40

How is Presbyopia Diagnosed?

  • Diagnosing presbyopia begins with a comprehensive eye exam at┬áDucklo EyeCare
    • During this exam, your doctor uses tests to evaluate your vision and your ability to focus on objects close to you

How is Presbyopia Treated?

  • Reading Glasses Bifocals
  • Trifocals
  • Contact Lenses