Eye Coordination

Eye Coordination

What is Eye Coordination?Eye coordination is the ability of your eyes to work together to bring two separate images together into one by a process called fusion. Your brain converts the two images into a 3-D image. Proper eye coordination gives your eyes the ability to perform this task. Eye coordination is developed over time starting when you are bornWhen your eyes do not develop proper coordination a host of problems can follow.

What are the Symptoms of Poor Eye Coordination?


Double vision

Eye/Body fatigue


Difficulty reading

Children display other unique characteristics of poor eye coordination including losing their place when reading, poor sports performance and avoiding near tasks

How is Poor Eye Coordination Diagnosed?

Diagnosing poor eye coordination begins with a comprehensive eye exam at Ducklo EyeCare.

During this exam, your doctor uses tests to evaluate your eye coordination. Regular comprehensive eye exams for children and teenagers are essential for monitoring proper eye coordination development.

How is Poor Eye Coordination Treated?

Glasses or Contact Lenses

Vision Therapy

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